I am not an expert, just a discerning wine lover or amateur de vin (as the French say), but everyone has a different palate, likes and dislikes so it must be understood that any of my recommendations are personal. I just hope that you find them useful or at the very least - interesting. I also hope you enjoy my photos. It is more fun sharing then keeping them backed up on a hard drive.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Yes, you can get a decent bottle of wine for under $10.00

October marked a year of my blog. For years I have been tasting and making notes but sharing it was a big step for me. It seemed odd to think anyone, beyond friends and colleagues, would want to hear what I had to say about wine, but I loved the idea of sharing. Anyway, I have had a great time and made connections with incredible people so I am very pleased I made the leap.

In the spirit of this I will go back to the root of the blog, serious QPR wine. Great to bring to or put out at upcoming Holiday parties.

Spice & blackberry aromas. Plum, spice and fruity flavours on the palate with firm tannin backbone. Great value for the price



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