I am not an expert, just a discerning wine lover or amateur de vin (as the French say), but everyone has a different palate, likes and dislikes so it must be understood that any of my recommendations are personal. I just hope that you find them useful or at the very least - interesting. I also hope you enjoy my photos. It is more fun sharing then keeping them backed up on a hard drive.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You can have a glass but not the bottle, at least not to take home with you...

Each week I work carefully plan to find something worthy of my post. Sometimes it is a struggle. I am told by blogger friends that my mandate of QPR is too narrow, but rather than just going on about how I love wine, I wanted to provide a service, as meagre as it may be, to friends and followers.

This week was a real challenge as snow cancelled a promising wine tasting and everything else I tried seemed bland or over-priced. Then last night, out at dinner, there it was, my saviour - Tollgate - a white assemblage from Stratus!

Unfortunately I was dealt a cruel trick of fate. This lovely wine is only available to restaurants. Doh! (My inner Homer comes out). What to do? Write about it, I guess, as a good choice in a restaurant ($9 - $11 a glass about $40 - 50 for the bottle) and hope that Stratus decides that it is too good to keep from the general public. I have read that the red blend is very good too, but here is my review of the white:

2007 STRATUS TOLLGATE WHITE (Semillon,Chardonnay,Viognier,Sauvignon,Riesling) – Niagara

Yummy, toasty, complex, Bordeaux-like white with some surprises because of the unusual blend of varieties including a fleshy peachiness thanks to the Viognier.


  1. We are big Stratus fans. Is it available through the winery? I'll check online too. Also, what resto were you at? We'd love to try the wine. Thanks Jennifer!

  2. Hey there, thanks for checking out my blog. I had it the first time at Table 17 and then for Winterlicious at Auberge du Pommier. Is still loved it. Stratus doesn't show it for sale on their site but I imagine if you were at the winery and offered to buy a case, they would likey sell it to you. Worth a try...