I am not an expert, just a discerning wine lover or amateur de vin (as the French say), but everyone has a different palate, likes and dislikes so it must be understood that any of my recommendations are personal. I just hope that you find them useful or at the very least - interesting. I also hope you enjoy my photos. It is more fun sharing then keeping them backed up on a hard drive.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Italy to Ontario, fabulous finds...

This time of year is always packed with social events, fortunately last week I had two that directly relate to my blog so it certainly makes my research easier.

The first was a meeting of my wine tasting group where Tuscany was our theme. Surprisingly there were no super-Tuscans, just a fantastic grouping Sangiovese based wines. There were a couple of bottles of the always decadent Brunello di Montepulciano. One was an incredible bargain at $20 below the average price:

FATTOI - BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO 2004, Tuscany, Italy (XD) - $34.95
Wonderfully complex nose, earth, barnyard, coffee, chocolate, ripe dark fruit with a hint of herbaceousness. Well balanced wine with velvety tannins and a long finish.


On the weekend I attended a French language vin et fromage at Tawse Winery. Although challenged to speak and hampered by the muffled sound of the barrel room, I managed to understand the vast majority of the discussion and really enjoyed the event. Nathalie from Chez Fromage in Fenwick gave a very enthusiastic presentation of fabulous Quebec cheeses (slipping one in from P.E.I.). Rheal treated us to an in depth tour of the winery and Daniel presented us with some lovely wines (which isn't hard for Tawse). For the purpose of price point I have reviewed the rosé below:
TAWSE - SKETCHES OF NIAGARA ROSÉ 2009, Vineland, On (D) $14.95 Delicate nose of strawberry, apple blossom, tart cherry and slight minerality. Lots of bright fruit on the palate with a cleansing streak of lemon-acid to balance.


With this wine we had a wonderful Quebec truffle brie. The earthiness and creaminess of the cheese was beautifully contrasted by the fruity-acidity of the wine. Check out the fabulous selection at Chez Fromage:

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